Sunday, October 19, 2008

Falkner Family get together

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It has been a great summer!! Things started a bit early when Brittany, Niel and the boys arrived the second week of May to stay with us for 3 months. Niel graduated from law school in Omaha and then came to Salt Lake to take classes to prepare for the Utah Bar. Yeh!! That would mean they would be living in Utah!!
It was so great that the whole family could get together more often. The grand kids really had fun when they would get together. Our first big adventure as a family was our annual trip to Escalante. It was awesome to have all nineteen of us there. I'm not sure the mom's thought that late at night when it was time to get the kids all to bed. (Did I mention we were camping) I didn't get any pictures :( But we did have a great time. The other great part about the trip was that we all of my brothers and sister were there and most of there families. I think we were only missing about 10 of our family members. So there were about 60 of us there not to mention all of my Aunt, Uncles Cousins, Etc....
The rest of the summer was filled with EFY, Girls Camp, Trek, and lots of Birthdays!!
Our two newest grand babies, Henry and Gracie

One of the many birthday get together's this summer. This one was my 39th :) Thanks family it was great!!

I saw this airplane teeter toter at Costco and could not resist!

Libby and Emmit at swimming lessons

This kid loves the camera:)

Britt's 3 boys enjoying a movie and popcorn, must take after there grandpa;)

We have defiantly gotten our money's worth out of this trampoline!!

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trip to the zoo!!

We went to the zoo on Libby's birthday, it was a lot of fun. We had all the grandkids with us. Kim and Ben were on the forth year hike with Alie and since Libby's parents weren't home they wanted her to have a fun day and so we helped take care of that. :)
I love this picture because Mindy is always taking pictures this way and Libby wanted to help.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Friends Trip to Seattle!!

The first part of May I went with my friends, Sue and Robyne to visit our friend Linda who moved to Seattle Washington about a year and a half ago. It was so great to see her and the Mr. They put us up in their new home and we each had our own room. We went to the ocean a couple of times. It was very beautiful there. We saw downtown Seattle during the day and then again at night. We enjoyed a tour on "The Duck" and a lot of other fun things. Thanks to the Watsons for such a great time. And if anyone wants to read more details of the trip visit my friend Robynes blogs. She did a great job telling about our trip:)

April Trip to Blanding

In April Mark and I had the chance to go to Blanding to a Jeep Jamboree for work. We went to Arch Canyon. We towed the Jeep down with the Motor home and stayed in an RV park. Then the first day we went on a trail that ended up at some Indian Ruins. We were also able to see some awesome petroglyphs. It great to have a short trip together and enjoy the out of doors.

Our second day we had the opportunity to help a young couple, celebrating their first anniversary, out of the mud! They were stuck overnight, and didn't have any luck getting help from the forest ranger. He handed them a shovel and rug and said " good luck." We overheard that they needed some help while in a visitor's center, so we spent the next few hours helping them out. Here are a few pictures.

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Fun with the grandkids!!

I know I haven't posted forever!! So these are random, and hopefully they will work or I might totally be done with blogging. :)
This is Libby and Kenzie at one of our Sunday dinners. They all love playing with each other it is great!
These next 3 pictures are at the children's museum. I went with Libby, Teancum and my friend Jenny and 2 of her kids, we had a great time. I thought it was so cute when Chase just decided to climb up on the table and really get into playing with the cars and tracks.
Teancum loved this little tracker!!
I loved this when the kids really got into this Rub a Dub Tub, well it does say TUB.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Curious Libby!!

Yesterday while I was tending Libby and Teancum our neighbors were getting a new driveway. When I heard the cement truck I told Libby we should go and watch it. Kids always love that stuff! So we were watching out the window. Soon the cement truck finished up and left and then we watched as the men working on it start the finishing work. I pointed out to Libby that they had to use long polls and wear boots because cement is very wet and messy. Well she was intently watching so I went to make a phone call. The next thing I knew the doorbell rang and there stood one of the workmen and Libby! She had cement up passed her wrists on both hands and the front of her was covered from her belly down, and one shoe was missing. Ahh!! My first thought was When did you get out there! And then OH no you really fell in the cement! So I quickly got her clothes off and got her in the tub. So these are the after pictures, didn't have time to get the before shots. After she was all cleaned up I had a good laugh! :) What a kid! Got to love her.
These are the clothes that she came to Grandma's in, (the wet ones) luckily they cleaned up great!!